MPD Education

A Koori-led approach to music education

Mad Proppa Deadly offers a unique program for primary and secondary schools focusing on developing music songwriting and recording production skills often ignored in the school system.

All MPD programs are Aboriginal designed and led, and culturally safe. They instill confidence in young people of all backgrounds and encourage the unique challenges faced by marginalised young people in engaging with the traditional school system.

Our music program is designed to build skills not just in music but in reading, comprehension and creative writing.

We have connections with some of the best performers and songwriters in the music industry and constantly work to give our participants opportunity to succeed in the music industry.

We focus on music improvisation in performance and composition through a combination of lyrical songwriting and music production.

We aim to build our participants’ skills in creativity which are essential skills in the workforce and often key in any leadership roles.

Our program equips students with the confidence to perform and share their compositions in front of audiences.

We don’t judge and offer an all inclusive program for children, teenagers and young adults from all levels and abilities

Our program and mentors have the power to engage and re-engage young people who may be disconnected from their school.

Our team are currently working in a number of regional primary and secondary schools and are creating pathways to tertiary education through our partnership with EORA Tafe in Redfern.

All our team have working with children checks and experience in music education.

Our team work with a deep understanding of trauma and healing developed through lived experience.

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